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Zune Data Recovery Tool

Zune data recovery tool retrieves and restores lost music, mp3, mp4, audio, video files and folders from your Zune music entertainment provider. Music retrieval utility gets back deleted files and folders when lost during Zune-to-Zune wireless connectivity (Wi-Fi feature) and restores data missing due to improper handling of your Zune digital music player.


Software Features:

  • Data recovery: Retrieves and restore Zune music, video files, mp3 list, songs, tracks, old melodies, video clippings that are lost, deleted accidentally, formatted or corrupted from Zune music device.
  • Major storage capacity support: Restores video files, mp3/mp4 music, images etc from all time favorite Zune music players in 4GB, 8GB and 16 GB flash drive and 30GB, 80GB and 120GB hard drive storage devices.
  • Thumbnail preview of recoverable files: Provides thumbnail preview of the recovered music files and directories, audio and video movies in demo version before actual data recovery.
Zune Data Recovery Tool Screenshots
Select the removable media
Select the removable media drive and choose searching criteria (Standard Search or Advance Search).
Select partition
Select partition from left panel and click Next button to continue.
Files searching process
Now you can see the current running status of files searching process.
Data recovery process has been completed successfully
Data recovery process has been completed successfully. You can save recovered data by clicking on 'Save' button.

Advance functionality of Zune music retrieval software lets user attempt risk free recovery of lost data and enables user to get back all captured possessions that have been lost or accidentally deleted due to various loss scenarios including: Accidental file deletion, Corrupted music, Formatted music device, Logically crashed Zune media, Improper handling of your Zune digital music player, Less device knowledge, Executing factory reset operation, Virus affected Zune music device, Human error and similar data loss reasons.

Zune data recovery program supports easy restoration of major file formats including:

  • Video file (mpeg, mp4, wmv etc)
  • Music file (mp3, aac, mov, and wma etc) and others.

Software for Zune music recovery offers easy retrieval of data and folders even if ‘Drive not formatted’ system generated error message is displayed by your Computer while accessing Zune Drive in My Computer.

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