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FAT Data Recovery Tool

FAT data recovery tool is useful to recover data usually got corrupted due to logical disk damages, formatted hard disk partitions, accidental data deletion, data wiping through virus or worm effect, corrupted or logically crashed hard drive and other unexpected reasons. File undelete software is capable to scan hard drive and display deleted FAT partition data.

Price: $69
FAT Data Recovery Tool

Software Features:

  • Quick file recovery: Provides data restoration from FAT file system partitioned hard disk drives.
  • Encrypted or long file name recovery: Facilitates easy and safe recovery of encrypted or long file name.
  • Major hard disk brand support: Compatible to recover and fetch lost or inaccessible files and folders from major hard disk brands such as Maxtor, Seagate, Samsung, Western Digital and other popular hard drive brands.
  • Log facility: Save Log and Load Log options are available for the users to save and load previously saved recovery results.
  • File system support: FAT16, FAT32 file system.
FAT Data Recovery Tool Screenshots
Select any one searching mode
Select any one searching mode from Basic Search, Deep Search, and Signature Search.
Select the drive
Select the drive from left panel and click Next button to continue.
Disk scanning process is going on
Disk scanning process is going on. You can see the current status of data recovery process.
Save recovered data files
Data recovery process has been completed successfully. Now you can save recovered data files and folders by clicking on 'Save Data' button.

Software thoroughly examines logical drives for providing recovery solution for the files that may be lost due to common system generated error messages, some includes following:

  • "Error Reading Drive"
  • "I/O Error"
  • "Seek Error - Sector not found"
  • "Hard Disk Drive Failure"
  • "Primary Hard Disk Failure"
  • “Disk not recognized” and other similar system error messages.

File salvage utility provides ultimate solution to recover and restore data saved in major files formats including:

  • Documents and Folders: txt, doc, xls, html, ppt, mdb, pdf, xml etc.
  • Songs, Mp3, Audio. Video Clippings: wma, wmv, mov, avi, mp3/mp4, mpeg and more.
  • Pictures, Photographs, Images: jpg, jpeg, gif, bmp and other similar file formats.

FAT partition recovery program ensures safe and secure retrieval of Windows deleted files and directories, mp3, video files lost due to human error, deleted data using move or cut command, logically crashed hard drive, improper hard disk management, bad sector in disk, corrupted partition table etc data loss reasons.

Technically sound file restoration utility gives the user compact solution to salvage files and folders after damage to the Master Boot Record (MBR) or File Allocation Table (FAT).

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